Terms & Conditions


1-  Application is a mean of communication, users can meet and interact with each other in order to exchange goods, commodities and services without interference or responsibility of any kind as to "TEPDEAL"                                                                                                              


2-  By registering the application, user is committed to using it with all seriousness and credibility and is obliged to compensate for any direct or indirect loss that may be caused to him as a result of any use of the account in violation of the laws.


3-  In no event will "TEPDEAL" be liable for any loss you may incur directly or indirectly, whether materially, morally or criminally, as a result of disclosure of user name or password information to third parties or during the process of switching between users.


4-  The means of communication with users of goods in the application shall not be used except for the purpose of exchanging the advertised products only.


5-  Communication between the two parties willing to exchange products in terms of how to complete them and how to meet is the responsibility of the two parties without the least liability on the part of the application as regards what happens between the two parties.


6-  The application does not provide any guarantee for any exchange process because it will be between two parties through the means of communication determined by the parties without interference from the application and therefore "TEPDEAL"will not be responsible for any damage that may be inflicted on any user, whatever kind of damage.


7- " TEPDEAL " shall   not carry out the exchange process through its officers or affiliates, and it will not be a party to any interactive process between users and is not binding in any way whatsoever on behalf of any of the two users of the application.


8- "TEPDEAL" does not guarantee that either of the two parties or the products to be exchanged and this is the personal responsibility of the two parties only.


9- "TEPDEAL " is not responsible for the signing of any contracts between the two exchanging parties and is not responsible for the transfer of legal ownership of products between the two parties since the contract of exchange would be bilateral between the two parties and not for the exchange of power or interest, and " TEPDEAL " shall not be subject to any obligation or claims regarding the process of exchange in whose respect a contract is concluded.


10- "TEPDEAL"is not responsible for any unsatisfactory or late performance by either party or any loss incurred by the parties nor shall they be entitled to make any claims of any kind imposing on "TEPDEAL" any obligation resulting from their use of the application by users.


11- "TEPDEAL" shall not be liable for the validity data entered by the user for whose validity the user shall be exclusively liable.


12-  Users may not ask for a mediation of "TEPDEAL" to resolve any dispute concerning their use of the application as a result of damage to them, whether material damage to their persons or their money due to any exchange process at any stage.


13- "TEPDEAL" shall not guarantee users in terms of legitimacy, credibility, identity and the goods they offer or goods they are willing to change.


14-  Users exclusively shall agree on the terms and conditions of delivery. The application is not responsible for such arrangements, and it only provides services for the supply of products or commodities and means of communication.


 15- Once  you have had an account; you agree that the "TEPDEAL" Application will notify you of any modification to the User Agreement whether or not the User's obligations are increased or decreased.


16-  User's obligation to provide "TEPDEAL" of any information or data if requested.


17- "TEPDEAL" will not be responsible for losing any information that may be stored on any products or commodities displayed on the application.


18-  The user of the application must choose a proper and appropriate name during the registration process.


19-  User agrees to disclose true, correct, up-to-date and complete information about himself as required by "TEPDEAL"


20-  The user is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of his secret account information and password. Upon acceptance of the application, he/she will be considered a member of the application and will have agreed to all the terms of use for the application.


21-  It is not binding on "TEPDEAL" to protect and save data, knowing that the Internet is not a 100% secure way to save confidential information.


22-  The service exchanges some information with your device for the purpose of providing service to you.


 23- You agree that "TEPDEAL" shall communicate with you via email, or by posting advertisements promoting the application, and you agree that all agreements, advertisements, data and other communications provided electronically to their written equivalents are in compliance with legal requirements.


24-  You agree that "TEPDEAL" is not responsible and is not required in any form of compensation for any damage that may be inflicted on you whether material, moral or criminal.


25-  You agree that "TEPDEAL" has the right to delete and cancel your membership without giving any reasons.


26- You agree that the existence of any Ads or advertising activities on your personal page on the application and that the return of these advertisements and advertising activities shall be entitled to by "TEPDEAL" and you have no right to claim for any financial return or deleting the ads.


27-  It is prohibited to advertise any goods that fall within the list of prohibited products.


28-  The application has the right to delete any Ad without mentioning the reason for deletion


29-  Users shall not copy any ad from the application.


30-  Users shall not use any part of any advertisement in the application.


31- The user is obliged to ensure that the picture of the products shall be the pictures of the same products subject matter of exchange and advertisement.


32-  Users shall not add any response or comment that includes insulting statements or obscene language.


33-  No application user may display prohibited, suspicious or stolen products. In the event that this is proven, the member assumes personal responsibility without any responsibility on the part of "TEPDEAL"




34-  After the approval on the terms and conditions"TEPDEAL"has the right to delete and cancel your membership without giving any reasons.